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Endorsements of "Redeemed from the Pit"

"I finished "Redeemed from the Pit" this week during some long layovers on a speaking trip. I am going to heartily recommend it [your book] to our bookstore to carry and to my students!

It is a wonderful work. Marie is thoroughly biblical when dealing with the topic, is refreshingly humble about her own testimony, and touches on so many related issues-sufficiency of Scripture, deliverance ministries, charismatism, resident homes, etc. as she goes through the book.

If you get a chance, please pass on to her my congratulations and my gratitude for letting God use her in this way."

~ Jim Berg, Bob Jones University

 "A couple of things affect my reading choices:  One is the ability and credibility of the author.  Reputation may be a factor, but character is, by far, my main consideration.  Another factor is the subject matter.  Is it relevant or worth my time?  How is the writer qualified?

I know Marie Notcheva.  She and I have followed and encouraged each other for several years now, and I feel I know her heart. In dealing with difficult subjects, she researches and writes diligently, intelligently and compassionately.

From painful personal experience and lengthy, careful observation, Marie deals here with a very delicate subject.  More often than not, the topic is ignored, or swept aside.  Her approach is not with an ostrich mentality.  She confronts the serious and growing problem of eating disorders head on.  There is no soft-pedaling or whitewashing about the nature and severity of anorexia.  Marie’s recommendations and solutions are solidly scriptural and plainly stated.

Based on my acquaintance with Marie and knowledge of her personal experiences, I can assure readers they will receive great blessing for themselves, or a friend who’s battling this disorder.  Redeemed from the Pit is the outgrowth of Marie’s personal struggle, as well as the product of careful, accurate research. "
 ~Don Kimrey, author of God’s Comeback Kids

“I am so excited to have this book available to use with the girls God sends us at Vision of Hope. It is so rich with accurate theological exposition but also so deeply practical. When you combine that with Marie’s authenticity and transparency and the book’s easy readability, I foresee that this book will become a fast favorite for many biblical counselors working with women. This is an excellently written book, concise yet broad, hitting such a wide variety of topics that it will be beneficial for many addiction issues. What a compassionate and humble way for biblical counselors to be equipped to work with women with addiction issues while, at the same time, completely appropriate to be used for homework and study assignments for our counselees.”

~Jocelyn Wallace, Executive Director, Vision of Hope Ministries, Inc., Lafayette, IN

“I absolutely LOVED Redeemed from the Pit! You are so consistent with what God’s Word says throughout the entire book, and I love that you had constant references for the reader to go discover the truth on  her own. I wish I had had something like this to read when I was going through my struggle. But beyond dealing with eating disorders, your book truly deals with where a person’s heart is. I love that you lay the Gospel out so clearly throughout the book. Really by the end, the reader has the knowledge; they just have to make the choice.

“Every chapter I read I was just more and more blown away. I just kept saying, “This is so good…” “Oh, I need to remember that…” “Wow, that's so right on…” It is very convicting and humbling and I absolutely love that it puts God in His proper place - above all and deserving of all glory.” 

~ Laura Wilkinson, 2000 Olympic Gold Medalist, Platform Diving

“Having counseled women who have struggled with eating disorders, I highly recommend Mrs. Notcheva’s new book, Redeemed from the Pit.  As a person who has fought the battle with bulimia for many years and overcome it through the power of the Lord and His Word, she has compassion, wisdom and true hope which are carefully and thoroughly delivered through her teaching. This will be a powerful tool for those who suffer and those who desire to help them.”   

~Sharon Yaddow, NANC Level I counselor, Raleigh NC 

“I have known women with the same issues who I think would have benefited greatly from this book. There is also much in this book to recommend as a way of dealing with similar sin issues - other destructive habits. It is a very good encouragement to see how someone dealt with her eating disorder in a godly way, and how we can learn from her example.” 

~Glenn E. Chatfield, biblical counselor and apologist, founder of The Watchman Ministry, Iowa 

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  1. I read your testimony. Wow! What a story you have to share and to use to help others.
    I, too, was rescued from an eating disorder by God's strength. I have felt called to share my story lately. I took a huge leap and shared it as part of a writing contest on My Faith Radio. My dream is to be able to use my writing to help others in their walk with Christ. I feel like God will use my past to minister to others who are hurting.
    Thank you for sharing your story.
    If you want to check mine out, it's at http://myfaithradio.com/2015/enough-3/ I know that I don't know you, but if you do read it, and if you do like it, I'd be honored by your vote. If you think it will encourage others, please share it.
    Thank you so much, for your time reading this, and for your ministry to others.


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