Note from a Reader


Thanks so much for responding to my email. I reached out to you at a point when I was feeling very low -- finally, after so many years, I thought that my life of idolatry to food was over, then I had a relapse and was very dismayed. At that moment of temptation I failed to use the power of the Holy Spirit and the Word to fight my battle - and I failed! Kind of funny to think that I could depend upon my strength!

Please know that your book was a great blessing to me, I also read Banquet in the Grave and Made to Crave -- praise God, I know that I am healed and redeemed from this pit. God has truly changed me and I am so grateful to you for sharing your struggle with other women.

Amazing, now that the chains of addiction are broken, I truly feel that I can love the Lord and share his grace with others.
My path of destruction began when I was 18, and did not end until recently, age 51. This is probably a record!

Have a very blessed and Happy Easter. He is risen, we are forgiven!!!!

In Christ,