Take Jesus At His Word

"When it comes to healing our spiritual condition, we don't have a chance. We might as well be told to pole-vault the moon. We don't have what it takes to be healed. Our only hope is that God will do for us what He did for the man at Bethesda - that He will step out of the temple and into our ward of hurt and helplessness.

Which is exactly what He has done...

I wish we would take Jesus at His word...

When He says we're forgiven, let's unload the guilt.

When He says we're valuable, let's believe Him.

When He says we're provided for, let's stop worrying.

God's efforts are strongest when our efforts are useless."

-- Max Lucado, excerpted from He Still Moves Stones (reprinted in Experiencing the Heart of Jesus)

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  1. Thanks Marie, I will take Him at His Word today! This blessed me so...

    Love, Heleen


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