Interview with Former Anorexic, Michelle Myers

Michelle today
 Yesterday, Lucy Ann Moll interviewed pastor's wife and author of "The Look the Kills" Michelle Myers on her radio show "The Sisterhood of Beautiful Warriors". This is the same show on which I was interviewed last month, and Michelle talks about her battle with anorexia and obsessive exercising which started her freshman year of college.

Although I have not yet read her book, I appreciate her standpoint and willingness to give God all the glory for her transformation! As Lucy points out at the beginning of the show, motivation is what determines whether a goal of weight-loss is sinful or not. Valuing the opinions of people, or growing in Christ - what will rule you?

Although anorexia is much less common than bulimia, it is a dangerous obsession which still controls many Christian women. Listen to Michelle's interview here, and be edified:


As an epilogue, Michelle is now completely free of her eating disorder, is walking with Christ, and is six months pregnant. Praise God for her testimony!

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  1. Thanks so much for listening to my online radio show with Michelle Meyers and highlighting it here.

    You are amazing! God says so.

    Blessings, Lucy


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