Upcoming "Hope for the Hurting" Conference - Lafayette, Indiana

Are you suffering? Need to make changes? Registration just opened for this year's "Hope for the Hurting" biblical counseling conference in July. Held on the grounds of Faith Baptist church, next to Vision of Hope's residential treatment center in Lafayette, Indiana, this conference speaks directly to the underlying pain and struggle that women with eating disorders encounter (as well as those with other life-dominating sin).

Since quite a few of my readers are studying (or are interested in) biblical counseling, I recommend this conference not only to those currently in the process of repenting from eating disorders, but also to those who would minister to them. The conference, which runs July 21-23, 2011, features Senior Pastor of Faith Baptist and NANC Fellow Steve Viars; Executive Director of Vision of Hope Jocelyn Wallace; author Amy Baker; and some of the Vision of Hope staff, among others. The conference info page mentions that a limited number of private, one-on-one counseling sessions will be available. The conference description says:

A Conference for Those Who Are Hurting

At one time or another every human being will endure periods of intense suffering. It is common to the human condition. However, something so common to each of us has the potential to completely derail us, devastate us, and potentially ruin us unless we understand how to Biblically respond to it. God’s word has so much to say about how we should think about and respond to pain.

See rest of information and registration page here.

If you are anywhere in the area or can avail yourself of this truly Christ-centered conference, I strongly recommend you do so. On a personal/ministry note, I have decided that if my book has been published by July, I will go myself (otherwise, it will be hard to justify the expense of travel). Currently, "Redeemed from the Pit: Biblical Repentance and Restoration from the Bondage of Eating Disorders" is in the capable hands of my publisher at Calvary Press. I received the foreward early last week; all endorsements are in and the final copy is edited and ready to go. Although I have not yet heard when the book will be released, the project is now out of my hands and I trust God to bring it to fruition in His perfect timing! When I have a date for publication, I will share.....but in the meantime, do avail yourself of this wonderful opportunity if you can!

P.S. The Indianapolis airport is incredibly easy to drive in and out of. It's right in the middle of a cornfield. So don't let the fear of driving in a new place put you off - they really couldn't have made it any easier.

Hope to see some of you in Indiana........

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