700 Club Interview up

The 700 Club has finished production on my testimony/interview, and has included the broadcast on their website (Eventually there should be a link to my book there, as well, once the text transcript is up):

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A few thoughts on the broadcast.

First, it's important that the viewer understand that this was a very brief, summarized paraphrase of both my testimony (see page on this blog), and the interview itself. I actually was interviewed for over an hour, and I understand the limitations of shaving it down into four minutes. However, besides a few errors in the "summarization" they made of my testimony (it was 17 years, not 10; the bulimia was at it's worst in high school not college; but these details don't really change the overall intent), I was less than thrilled with a few other things.

First, they completely left out my discussion of how I became a Christian, and eliminated all discussion of my relationship with Christ. It almost sounded as if I had been brought up in a Christian home; married a Christian right out of college; and continued (or immediately started) attending church. Nothing could be further from the truth. While they mis-pronounced my husband's name, a much more significant Name was omitted entirely -- that of Jesus Christ!! The whole POINT of a testimony is to glorify HIM, and I discussed the Person and work of Christ at length in this interview. Unfortunately, none of that made it in.

Nowhere was the Gospel presented, although we talked at length about justification and sanctification during the taping.

I specifically asked that the Healing Room Ministries (a doctrinally-aberrational group) not be used. They mentioned it anyway.

As a biblical counselor, I was extremely disappointed that my entire explanation of renewing the mind, repentance and how to overcome life-dominating sin was left out. Roughly three quarters of the piece focused on my childhood and youth, but little time was given to the answer to addiction. Also disappointing is the fact that NO MENTION was made of my book, "Redeemed from the Pit."

Well, you win some and you lose some; but I do pray that God somehow uses it anyway.


  1. What can you expect from the 700 Club?

  2. Well, in fairness, I had lengthy doctrinal discussions with the interviewer/producer, and we were all on the same page...her mom is a NAC counselor, in fact. I was satisfied that they were not going to turn it into a charismatic "deliverance" story, and given that it was in my own words, they really couldn't have anyway. But it's what was left OUT (everything of importance) that bugs me. If you're going to do something, do it RIGHT - and give the glory where it belongs! Who cares if I lived on lettuce and Diet Coke in high school? That's not the point!

  3. *NANC Counselor, I meant to type.

  4. I just have a problem trusting people who promote false teachings anyway.

  5. I agree it was a mistake, in retrospect. Live and learn.


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