Testimony from a Russian Reader

It is e-mails like this one that made the years of study, writing and struggle to market my book all worthwhile. I corresponded with the following reader a few years ago, as she was unable to find biblical counseling resources in her homeland of Russia.

Hello Marie!
I don't know whether you remember me... about 2 years or even more ago i wrote you an email and you answered straight away.

My email was story about my struggles with bulimia and asked for helped and encouragement.
After that i sort of disappeared.. so a year ago i graduated and went back to my hometown to stay with my parents and to figure out and pray about my future.   
I still had bulimia and i definitely knew by that time that no one but God could free me from this bondage.. I shared with my mom. she helped me in many ways too... 
I was reading a lot of books, articles, blogs, served in church, worked and was praying that God will open doors for me, that He is willing to open. At the same time i started working on my applications for a Master's degree to several universities. My elder sister has been studying in America for 2 years and I decided to try too. I was accepted, God provided finances and after certain complications with the visa documents I came to California.  
Several days ago I was in the book store of my college and saw your book "redeemed from the pit". My heart was filled with joy and gratefulness to the Lord for what He has allowed in my life and for people that had been helping me. You were one of them!And the most exciting thing for me is that currently I am a student of the Masters of the Biblical counseling program in the Master's College (MacArthur College).
I wrote you to say thank you and to encourage you to continue your ministry! I would be happy to keep in touch! and to learn!
p.s. oh,i think i didn't mention, but i don't struggle with bulimia for half a year now)


  1. What a great testimony for encouragement!

  2. I would love to see your book as an ebook. I live in Mexico and I have a friend who needs to read this. I cannot easily get books here.

  3. Hi Peithas,

    Please e-mail me at marie4thtimemom@yahoo.com and I will help you out. Thanks!

  4. Wonderful! Any time I try to write, asking the Lord to lead me and use what is written, I'm blessed. Privileged. But when something like the above happens ~ someone writes to tell you your work has been a blessing ~ you get blessed again.
    If my math is correct, that's three for the price of one! I really like your website, too, and appreciate all the encouragement and assistance you've given me in my own writing. Thank God we have folks who are sensible and spiritually on target!


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