Beautiful Testimony from a Co-Laborer for the Gospel

Last month, I spoke at two women's "Rejuvenate!" conferences in New Hampshire, at Monadnock Bible Conference Center. Following my workshop presentation, "God'S Solution to Eating Disorders: Total Transformation", I was available to speak to women who wished to share their experiences with me. I also sold a number of copies of "Redeemed from the Pit". Imagine my surprise last week, when I received the following e-mail from another one of the conference speakers!

"Dear Marie,

I finished reading your book about two weeks ago and I wanted to write to you and let you know how the Lord has used it in my life personally. The providence of God is truly amazing – the Lord knew I needed to hear you speak that first weekend of the women’s conferences at MBC and that I needed to read your book. You see, I have really been struggling with “disordered eating” for some time now. I haven’t been technically “bulimic”, but aside from throwing up, I was finding myself fasting or exercising a lot to make up for what I ate the day before (which I realized was just another way of “purging”).

I realized that weekend that I heard you speak that I really had a problem and just didn’t want to admit it. The Lord really convicted me of the idolatry in my heart and the battle with sin that this was. The past few weeks have been hard, the next few months will still be hard I know, the progress of transforming my mind seems so slow and I fail more than I’d like, but God has been so good, so gracious and I trust that He will continue to sanctify and change me. When I finished your book I discovered I had Elyse Fizpatrick’s Idols of the Heart on my “to read” bookshelf and thought – wow God knew I needed that next! But I LOVED your book. It was so solid Biblically, so clear on what the real issue is (sin!) and so powerful with the hope of the Gospel and our position in Christ! That is one of the biggest things He’s taught me over the past 2 years, my position in Christ, and it was so great to be encouraged by that more!

So anyway Marie, I just wanted to write and say thank you so much for sharing your story, for writing this book and for speaking, counseling and ministering to so many women! It has been helpful to me and I am sure God will use it to convict, counsel and direct other women towards Christ and freedom from these addictions.

Many blessings in Christ,"

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