Get "Redeemed from the Pit" into Morningstar Christian Bookstore!!

Dear Readers:

You will have to excuse my pounding on the keyboard to get this post out. I have just returned from my local Christian bookstore (the only one in a 5-town radius), which I entered to buy a birthday card. Mind you, this is the store that told me a year ago that they did not have shelf-space to stock my book, "Redeemed from the Pit" a year ago when it was published. The manager did allow me to do a book-signing, which met with modest success, but did not offer to take any copies of my book - even on consignment.

So imaging my frustration when I walked in this morning, to be met at the entrance with a "Healthier 2013" display, toting copies of "The Daniel Fast" and "Made to Crave" (the latter of which is doctrinally questionable.) The opposite side of the table had copies of heretical teacher Joyce Meyer's "Beauty for Ashes", and a few other food-related books.

I spoke with the (new) manager, who agreed to "look over" a copy of "Redeemed from the Pit", and ask his higher-ups if they might take a few copies. Meanwhile, several women in my Massachusetts church have asked me why Morningstar does not carry my book -- as hard as it is to believe, not everyone buys books online. The manager, Chad, indicated that if people were requesting it, it might help my case.

PLEASE, friends, take just a moment to send the bookstore an e-mail, asking them to stock my book: morningstartc@yahoo.com. Please use subject line, "Please stock Redeemed from the Pit" and address it to Chad. OR, CALL TOLL FREE at:  (800) 767-5316 and ask for Chad, the Leominster store manager.     This has become as much a matter of principle to me as anything else -- I will never make much from royalties, but for a bookstore that stocks largely-aberrational literature to refuse shelf space is annoying.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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