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Quite often, women who e-mail me from different parts of the country or world ask about biblical counselors in their area. Until now, I have only been aware of the NANC directory, which lists counselors certified with their organization. However, there are a number of great biblical counseling organizations and now Bob Kelleman of the Biblical Counseling Coalition has compiled a list of their individual directories. This is extremely helpful for anyone seeking help in a specific geographic area!

I am also asked regularly about Christian inpatient centers I would recommend, and thus far I have only been aware of Vision of Hope (affiliated with Faith Baptist Church in Indiana). Please note that the term "inpatient" is somewhat misleading, as none of these centers provide medical treatment. It is more accurate to call them "residential facilities" which offer biblical counseling. (Please see the original posting at the Biblical Counseling Coalition website, linked below).

Find a Biblical Counselor

Finding a biblical counselor who will minister God’s truth to you in Christ’s love is important.

The BCC does not currently maintain a list of biblical counselors. However, we encourage you to visit the following biblical counseling organizations:

ABC maintains a list of vetted biblical counselors that you can find at The Biblical Counseling Network.
CCEF is working on a list of vetted biblical counselors. To date you can contact their Intake Department to refer you to a counselor in your area: Intake@ccef.org.
IABC maintains a list of certified biblical counselors. Their list is searchable by states and includes 8 countries. You can visit it at Find a Counselor.
NANC maintains a list of NANC certified biblical counselors. Their list is searchable by zip code. You can visit it at Find a Counselor.
While the BCC knows that ABC, CCEF, IABC, and NANC work diligently to screen any ministry or individual in their list:

It is important for you to personally research the church, ministry, or individual listed.
If you search these recommended links and find a biblical counselor in your area, please exercise due diligence and contact them with pertinent questions.
The BCC’s Confessional Statement is a good starting place as you seek to find a qualified biblical counselor who is a good match for your convictions.
We also recommend the ABC’s document: Questions to Ask When Choosing a Counselor.
Biblical Counseling Residential/Inpatient Centers
Sometimes life’s struggles and our battle against besetting sins are so severe that finding an intensive residential/inpatient treatment center committed to biblical counseling is important.

While the BCC does not certify residential/inpatient centers, we have asked our BCC BOD and CB Members for a list of residential/inpatient centers that practice according to a biblical counseling philosophy.

Listed below are links to residential/inpatient treatment centers that self-identify as practicing according to a biblical counseling philosophy. The information is a self-description collated and summarized from their websites:

Christian Discipleship Center: The Christian Discipleship Center is a Bible-based recovery program for Native American Christians who want help and hope in overcoming addiction to alcohol and substance abuse. Their 90-day residential program offers sound spiritual principles for restoration, character rebuilding and life direction. Contact Information: Christian Discipleship Center, 24826 Road L, Cortez, CO 81321, 970-565-3290, cdc@fone.net.
Colony of Mercy: Colony of Mercy is a 120-day residential addiction recovery program for men. Men in the Colony of Mercy program participate in group and individual biblical counseling, Bible studies, work therapy, church-type services, and Scripture memory. Programs for the wives and children of the men in the Colony program are available as well. Contact Information: Colony of Mercy, 601 Route 530, Whiting, NJ 08759, 800-453-7942, victory@americaskeswick.org.
The Father’s Ranch Ministries: The Father’s Ranch Ministries is a nouthetic biblical counseling residential treatment center for women and teenage girls. It is a non-denominational, Christ-centered counseling ministry addressing issues related to sexual abuse, physical abuse, eating disorders, self-harm, drug and alcohol addiction, and unplanned pregnancies. Contact Information: The Father’s Ranch Ministries, PO Box 1352, Tonasket, WA 98855, 509-486-8888, info@thefathersranch.com.
His Steps Ministries: His Steps Ministries is a Christian discipleship program that reaches out to men who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. They believe that only through Christ can a permanent solution be found—one that restores the man’s heart, soul, and mind to allow him to love others and his family (Matthew 22:37-39). Contact Information: His Steps Ministries, 2011 Meadows Drive, Woodstock, GA 30188, 770-595-4294, timbrown@hisstepsministries.org.
The Mission House: The Mission House is a six-month residential program that believes that addiction is a worship disorder. They follow a Bible-based, Christ-centered transformation program designed to establish an intimate relationship with God through Christ. Contact Information: The Mission House, PMB 216, 3965 Bethel Rd., Ste. #1, Port Orchard, WA 98366, 360-871-4266. For email contact complete the contact form here: http://www.faithmissionhouse.org/contact-us.
Pure Life Ministries: Pure Life Ministries exists to serve Christian individuals and organizations dealing with sexual sin throughout the world by providing biblically-based counseling, teaching resources, and a public speaking ministry with the goal of leading Christians to victory over sexual sin through a deeper life in God. The 7-to-9-month Live-In Program in rural Kentucky immerses men in a Christ-centered environment with biblical counseling and mutual accountability designed to promote lasting heart change. Contact Information: Pure Life Ministries, 14 School Street, Dry Ridge, KY 41035, 859-824-4444. For email contact complete the contact form here: http://purelifeministries.org/contact.
Twelve Stones: Sometimes circumstances in life become too hard to handle alone, or even in weekly counseling sessions. In an effort to provide real answers, lasting wisdom, and spiritual encouragement, Twelve Stones provides three-day intensives in a retreat atmosphere that is Christ-centered and carefully tailored to each individual situation. Contact Information: Twelve Stones Ministries, PO Box 223, Helmsburg, IN 47435, 812-597-1212, tsoffice@twelvestones.org.
Vision of Hope: Vision of Hope recognizes the worth and sanctity of human life by ministering to young women, children, and families in a Christ-centered environment. They offer a faith-based residential treatment program for girls age 14-28 struggling with unplanned pregnancy, alcohol or drug abuse, eating disorders, or self-harm. Contact Information: Vision of Hope, 5652 Mercy Way, Lafayette, IN 47905, 765-447-5900, voh@vohlafayette.org.
As with our Find a Counselor listing, so also with these residential/inpatient centers:

It is important for you to personally research the centers listed above.
Please exercise due diligence and contact them with pertinent questions.
The BCC’s Confessional Statement is a good starting place as you seek to find a qualified biblical counseling residential/inpatient center that matches your convictions.
We also recommend the ABC’s document: Questions to Ask When Choosing a Counselor.

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