Kudos to Tekeme Studios

A few of you on Facebook have commented on the nice, new blog "makeover" - I have George and Ashley Weis to thank for all the creative work (from concept to finishing html code touches) for the amazing work they've done.

Tekeme Studios is their graphic design company, based in Pennsylvania. This dynamic duo works together to design and create webpages, logos, blogs, book covers and other publications and has an impressive portfolio, which you can view here. (There are four categories of their projects - be sure and check out the creative blog templates they've designed)!

Ashley is also a talented Christian writer, who has been published in Brio, Susie Mag, and has completed a Christian novel dealing with the porn industry. While she credits George with all the creative concepts of their work, Ashley is a very thorough "market researcher" in figuring out what will catch the target audience's eye. You can read her blog here.

The Weis' creative work speaks for itself - spend five minutes perusing Tekeme's site, and you'll see the creative and professional level of their design work. In addition, their prices are extremely low for the quality of work they deliver, and these folks are constantly running discounts and give-aways on Twitter and Facebook. If you look up "generous" in the dictionary, you'll see Ashley and George's mugs staring back at you.

Generosity and commitment to their clients seems to come with the territory - these two are devout Christ-followers. Not only does their faith show up in their business practices (and as you can see, many of the blogs they've designed have been for Christ-centered ministries), Ashley and George are passionately commited to social justice. Some of the worthy causes they support are listed on Tekeme's homepage, and Ashley writes blogs frequently about ways to help.

If you write, blog, sell online, or are considering any graphic design work at all, I would highly recommend Tekeme Studios to you. The painstaking attention to detail in all of the projects they complete combined with their inate talent and natural goodness makes this couple's business a gem. I can honestly say that if I end up self-publishing my book, "Redeemed from the Pit", having these two design the cover will take some of the sting out of it! Great job, y'all.

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  1. thanks, marie! we need to hire you to speak well of us! :)


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