"Chemical Imbalance" Theory Proven to be Just a Myth

With renowned psychiatrists now publically admitting that the chemical imbalance theory of depression and "mental illness" has been disproven, I thought it would be beneficial to cover this topic for readers of mine who may still believe bulimia has an organic origin. The depression you feel is, of course, due to your unhealthy and destructive behavior and the idolatry fueling it; it is not the cause.

I did not write the following; rather, it comes from prozactruth.com. Pretty much what I've been saying all along, hmm?

Also: See here for an excellent article by Chris Kresser, "The Chemical Imbalance Myth". Excellent medical research.


Psych Drug Truth. The chemical imbalance myth? Chemical imbalance seems to mean different things to different people as well as physicians. Chemical imbalance myth? Why when a women is shown to have low estrogen levels after child birth would a Psychiatrist believe that is a chemical imbalance in the brain and prescribe an antidepressant? Would having a cold be a chemical imbalance?

Chemical imbalance.

As the debate on "chemical imbalance" escalates, I would like to pose a few questions for my readers.

If you have a cold or even the flue, do you think you have a chemical imbalance?

If you feel depressed by the loss of a loved one, do you think you have a chemical imbalance?

If you eat very poorly for 2 months and your body begins to slow you down, do you think you have a chemical imbalance?

If you have a baby and your hormones take a dive in the wrong direction, do you think you have a chemical imbalance?

In an explosive admission, American psychiatric Association President Steven Sharfstein did a 180-degree turnaround from his TODAY show interview (June 27) and admitted that there is no way to test for a “chemical imbalance” as the cause for mental disorders. PEOPLE magazine (July 11), quoted Dr. Sharfstein conceding, “We do not have a clean-cut lab test.”

What do we do with the chemical imbalance debate?

You feel bad, you are depressed, you have anxiety, you have lost a loved one and you feel very down, what do you do with that?

The FDA will not let the drug manufactures claim there is a chemical imbalance without their qualifiers.


It is only assumed there is a chemical imbalance.

It was once assumed the earth was flat. People were put to death for believing otherwise.

Today, in our scientific world, we are only able to assume chemical imbalance. This is even after the drug manufactures spending billions of dollars to try and prove their theory.

Who has something to gain by getting people to believe in the theory of chemical imbalance?

Drug manufactures and psychiatry have to profit.

The drug manufactures need to provide capital gain for their stock holders.

The psychiatrists have been using their tools of destruction for many years.

How did the chemical imbalance theory come into acceptance?

By some of the slickest marketing the world has ever seen.

The above comments are not to make less of a person suffering from depression or any other symptom. I have felt low at points in my life, just the same as any person who lives on planet earth, if they would tell the truth.

The low points and or call it depression have nothing to do with a chemical imbalance.

Does our endocrine change each and every day?

Yes it does. Don't eat lunch and your endocrine will change a little.

You could even call it unbalanced if you wish.

But it is not a chemical imbalance as being described by the drug manufactures and or psychiatry.

There are countless stories and press releases regarding chemical imbalance.

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