Please forgive me...an apology to readers

Dear readers,

Please forgive my lack of activity here lately. Unfortuantely, I have not found the time to post much new material lately, and I realize that some of you check in daily. To those of you who have e-mailed me and waited longer than usual for a reply, I sincerely apologize and am grateful for your patience. You are important to me, and the reason for this ministry. For most of you, e-mail is the only way in which I am able to minister to you and I do try to keep up.

As a few of you know, in May I signed a contract with a top publisher of theological books and biblical counseling literature. This is extremely exciting news, as I had been seeking an appropriate publisher for my book, "Redeemed from the Pit: Biblical Repentance and Restoration from the Bondage of Eating Disorders" for some time! In the meantime, a bestselling author and biblical counselor was kind enough to critique my manuscript, and had some specific suggestions for improvement. As I go through and make the revisions, I am finding parts of the book need to be re-structured and more emphasis needs to be placed on the biblical categories of sins which drive anorexia and bulimia.

This is an important step, as the end result will be better and more useful to the people my book is designed to help. However, it's hard work. I am going through nearly 95,000 words, many of which were written before I began studying with the Institute for Nouthetic Studies, and revising, re-writing, re-structuring. (Speaking of INS, I am also behind in my coursework...everything has been put on hold until I meet deadline for going to press).

I work best under pressure. I once re-wrote a 3,000 word article for Christianity Today in three days. However, there's a knowledge that drives my efforts and motivates me: this is not about me. It never was. Every word I write, every woman I counsel, every blog entry I post - it's all for the purpose of bringing glory to the Lord Jesus Christ. He's entrusted me with this ministry, and I do not take that lightly. As I strive to meet these specific goals that are part of the big picture, may I always keep the Cross front and center before my eyes.

Currently, my goal is to have the entire book revised and ready by July 12, after which our family will take a week's well-earned vacation. The manuscript will then (Lord willing) be ready to send out for a few folks to read for endorsement. If all goes as planned, it will go into production this fall, and be out on the shelves by late fall. I am excited and humbled by this opportunity, and covet your prayers in representing God's grace and mercy well in my book.

Solo Deo Gloria,


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  1. Hello there,

    I’m currently wrapping up a study of the end-times on my blog, Reflections on the Christ, at http://chasong.blogspot.com.

    There’s been talk of guillotines being imported into the United States and other scary bits of news.

    However, I am discussing about them from a prophetic point of view and hoping to stimulate more research and personal study of God’s word and the end times.

    If you have the time, feel free to drop by, express your thoughts, and maybe even shed some light for others who come by. I’d be honoured.

    Keep shining.



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