An Encouragement on this Resurrection Sunday...

This morning, I received the following note in my inbox:


I read your story on ChristianStoriesOnline. I was looking for a testimonial on bulimics whose closest family and friends don't even know about their disorder (like myself, all through my post-anorexia years in high school and college, before Jesus started wrecking my life for the better... or before I started letting Him ;). I'm writing a paper for my psych class I'm taking right now.

I just wanted to know that I was encouraged and enheartened to hear the way our Lord has delivered and healed you and walked with you and held your heart through your years of struggle. Reading large parts of your story sounded so much like my story... I was encouraged that I AM NOT ALONE IN THIS! It is by His grace that I am alive today, and by His power and love that I have experienced all the deliverance and healing that I have, and I still am amazed by the joy of His love, even in the hard times.

I just wanted to thank you for your boldness in sharing your story. And your honesty about everything, as well as the truth that the battle will wage on and there will be times of struggle, as long as we are on this earth. But praise God, we have no shame or guilt in Him! You know the depth of meaning that has for us -- I was crippled by shame over my disorder for so many years -- but He looks on us and sees Jesus's righteousness. We are dearly loved daughters of the Creator of All, and in His hands, there is nothing to fear, only love to accept and life to surrender.

I hope your Easter is a joyous reminder of the gift we have in Him. He is risen! And we are being made new.

Grace and Peace,


Repentance and trusting in Christ to change us (which presupposes a committment to obey Him), truly is the key to victory over this sin of bulimia. Praise God for the captives He is setting free, such as this writer!

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  1. Marie - What a blessing to know you have ministered to someone else by your obedience in writing.


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