Superb Series on Gluttony and Body Image from Faith Biblical Counseling

Faith Biblical Counseling (where Vision of Hope is, LaFayette, IN) has posted an excellent, Scripturally-sound discussion on the idolatry of "body-worship" and the sin of gluttony. (Would we expect anything less than excellence in biblical counseling from Faith Baptist?)

I am very excited about this series, as it offers true hope and help to a spiritual problem plaguing so many. Unafraid to call sin "sin" and avoid the psycho-babble heresies so prominent today, biblical counselor Rob Green tells it like it is in three parts:

Food, the Body and Idolatry (Part 1)
Gluttony: Finding Joy and Satisfaction in Food (Part 2)
Body Image: Finding Joy in Having the Right Measurements (Part 3)

Go read it and be edified!

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