Sobering Reality

Yesterday, I did an interview and shooting sequence with The 700 Club about my repentance and transformation from anorexia and bulimia 8 years ago. (More on that in another post...I'm very glad I did it, and hope God uses it to touch someone's life.)

Just now, however, my thoughts are going back 6 years in time, to the very first woman I shared my story with...a lady named Lori, who was then beginning her 20th year in the grips of bulimia. Well below a normal weight, she was carrying a child and was frightened of how her eating disorder would harm the baby.

She delivered a 3-pound baby boy, 10 weeks prematurely. Fortunately, he had no major complications, but, despite her desire to turn around, her eating disorder and excessive drinking continued unabated. She lost her health, her teeth, and her marriage to bulimia.

Today I learned that Lori has died.

I had shared the Gospel with her several times, and she claimed to be regenerate. I hope against hope that Lori was not deceived, although she was in much deception and there was no fruit in her life. In 2009, one of the last e-mails she wrote to me included this excerpt:

I know that this bondage I am in is a demon. Ed has gotten me no where in life. Just more problems. I am scared about all this kidney stuff going on. Dr. told me that if I don't start dialysis, that I won't even make it to a transplant. That is scary to hear. Ed has gotten a LITTLE bit better. Since I have been in ***, I have put on 10 lbs, so that is something to say. The thought pattern is still there though. Can't seem to shake that.

2 weeks ago, I had a prayer group pray over me at my church. Then, the week after that, the same ladies, plus 5 other people, plus the priest all met to do a prayer/healing service just for me. They prayed over me for an hour. I have to get my blood drawn once a week, plus get a procreate shot once a week. Well, 2 days after they prayed over me, my blood levels were significantly better!!!!!!!!! I'm not out of the woods, but there was a drastic improvement. I am not expecting a miracle healing from God. i will take whatever He gives me. Like the priest said.......don't have any expectations on what kind of healing I will have. I just opened my heart to Him and let Him do the rest.

I annoint myself everyday with Holy Oil that my mom got from Lourdes France. Also I have some Holy Oil from St. Perrigren. I use both of these daily on my kidney's. I swear, God is keeping me safe thru all of this.

This was after several YEARS of evangelism and counsel from me, both via phone and e-mail. My heart is broken for a life so young, so full of promise, utterly destroyed.

Lori did not really think her bulimia would kill her. She always believed that if she could get a little more clever; keep it in check "just a little bit more", she'd be okay. Or at least get people off her back. Ultimately, her organs gave out and so did her strength.

Please realize, if you are in this situation, there is STILL HOPE for you. God's transforming power and gracious gift of repentance are always freely available - you need to start TODAY. Are you whole-hearted in your determination to walk away from bulimia? E-mail me if you want to talk more.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about the lose of your friend :(. Such a tragic consequence of eating disorders that we know, but often forget.

  2. Please help me, Im dying from this.

  3. Anon, please e-mail me at marie4thtimemom@yahoo.com right away. I want to talk to you and hopefully help....


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