"Hope and Healing from Eating Disorders" Published in Albania!

Dear readers,

While I realize many of you may not speak or read Albanian (I do not), I wanted to share with you my first published article in a foreign magazine. Earlier this week, "Ilira Reviste" ran my piece "Hope and Healing from Eating Disorders" in their magazine, which is the only Christian women's magazine in Albania. (Click link to read the original, English version). The magazine is only available in Tiranë, but the editor, Migena Ramaj, sent me a .pdf of the issue.

As far as I understand, anorexia and bulimia have become problematic among the young women of Eastern Europe and biblical counseling is in short supply. My hope in having this article published (and a similar one in an upcoming issue of "Списание Лия", a Bulgarian Christian magazine), is to bring attention to the Person and work of Jesus Christ to readers. Even believers often fail to make the connection between the hope found in the Gospel and life-dominating sins such as anorexia and bulimia. It is my prayer that someone will read these articles and feel a new sense of hope in "putting off" the old nature and "putting on" the new.  


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  2. Kenaqesia eshte e imja! (Mesoj shqip tani ;) !


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