I Have a New Blogging Home!

Dear readers,

Following the publication of my second book, "Plugged In", and the many articles I have been writing for various venues, I have started a new blog and invite you to follow me there: https://marienotcheva.wordpress.com

I will certainly update this blog, "Redeemed from the Pit" from time to time, as I write articles or post updates germane to overcoming eating disorders. However, part of the reason I started a new site was because this blog (being entirely devoted to that topic) has become a bit too constraining. I write on many topics - from bibical counseling issues to Balkan politics, and enjoy having the freedom to publish whatever happens to by weighing on my so-called mind that day. I do not want to be 'type-cast' as the Christian writer who writes solely about anorexia and bulimia.

Also, since a number of readers follow me on Twitter, it would be nice to know there is a spot now designed to showcase all my editorials...from book reviews to social commentary.

If you would like to guest blog (either here, on your eating disorder journey) or at my new, general blog, please message me! I would be happy to have you write.


Marie Notcheva

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