Ashley Weis: Breathing In Life

Ashley Weis: Breathing In Life

A friend of mine here in cyber-space has a wonderful, edifying Christian blog in which she shares many devotional insights. Ashley has a particular burden for women involved in or affected by the porn industry, and ministers to them through her writing in much the same way I long to help women with eating disorders.

Please read this brief entry....I read it last night and immediately thought of it's relevance to the lives of struggling bulimics. Knowing you are really, truly loved by the God of the universe...the One Who died for this sin, too....makes a difference in how you view repentance.

I love the way she articulates this:

Breathing In Life

What would it feel like to breathe in the love of Jesus? To inhale it and let it course our bodies and seep into our bloodstreams.

To love Jesus is one thing. Many of us can do that without question. But to realize how much Jesus loves us is another thing entirely.

Jesus loves us. And that is not something to be taken lightly. He loves us more than anyone ever will. When we feel alone and lost... JESUS loves us.

Sometimes the darkest moments in life are used to bring us back to this truth - He loves us.

We can forget. We can get busy. We can say, "I love you, Jesus," 500 times a day. But sometimes it feels good to step back, rest, and let His love seep into our veins.


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