A Few Quick Notes...

1. Who is United Cause blog, and why am I getting hits from that site, but I can't see it when I click the URL? Would you kindly enable me to? I am curious as to where and how my site is being linked.

2. I took down the endorsement of Carol Showalter's book, "Your Whole Life" yesterday after realizing her ties with Cape Cod cult The Community of Jesus went far deeper than I thought. Another woman from church and myself spent a good part of Sunday afternoon and evening researching the connection, and we did not like what we saw. Therefore, I cannot in good conscience endorse her book or small group program. Bummer, too; it seemed like a great book. I will, however, do a review of a similar book/program, Word Publishing's "Thin Within" sometime soon.

3. Review of Lauren Greenfield's HBO documentary "Thin" to come later this week. It presents a sad but true-to-life look at eating disorders and the rehab sub-culture. Sobering stuff.

4. Many people are reading this blog, but few are commenting. Please leave me feedback (anonymously is fine) if anything is helpful to you. And as always, I am available by e-mail.

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