New Additions to the Resources Page

As I am now a contributing writer to Christian Notes and the CIR (Christians in Recovery) website, I would like to call your attention to the addition of these two pages under "helpful links". Christian Notes features edifying articles written by and for believers on many different pertinent topics; CIR is an online recovery community for born-again believers struggling with different types of life-domionating sin. (Note: it is not a counseling resource, but CIR publishes helpful articles and refers members to sites and places where they may seek Christian counseling). Also see the NANC directory at right, and Rick Thomas' Counseling Solutions site (the members only section, which only costs $55 per year, gives you access to many helpful resources and monthly webinars).

These are the articles I have had published at CIR:

The Role of Hope in Counseling Eating Disorders

How Does God View Eating Disorders?

and the CIR homepage: http://christians-in-recovery.org/

Visit Christian Notes here: http://www.christiannotes.com.au/

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