Six Years Today Free of Bulimia...and a Few Good Quotes!

Today is the six-year anniversary of the last time I binged and purged, although I rarely keep track anymore. Far too much to do living for Christ's glory and helping those He's sent me to dwell on the past....and I hope the same will be true in your life soon, as well.

Here are a few quotations from well-known servants of Christ that a reader sent me. I hope that you will be able to draw application to your own walk with God from them.

On gluttony:

"Luxury and gluttony is a sin exceeding contrary to the love of God: it is idolatry: it hath the heart, which God should have; and therefore gluttons are commonly and well called belly-gods, and god-bellies, because that love, that care, that delight, that service and diligence which God should have is given by the glutton to his belly and his throat." --- RICHARD BAXTER, English Puritan and writer

Our surrender and God's deliverance:

"Deliverance can come to us only by the defeat of our old life. Safety and peace come only after we have been forced to our knees. God rescues us by breaking us, by shattering our strength and wiping out our resistance." -- A. W. TOZER
On true repentance:

"True repentance has a distinct and constant reference to the Lord Jesus Christ. If you repent of sin without looking to Christ, away with your repentance. If you are so lamenting your sin as to forget the Savior, you have a need to begin all this work over again. Whenever we repent of sin, we must have one eye upon sin and another upon the cross; or, better still, let us have both eyes upon Christ, seeing our sin punished in him, and by no means let us look at sin except as we look at Jesus. A man may hate sin just as a murder hates the gallows but this does not prove repentance. If I hate sin because of the punishment, I have not repented of sin; I merely regret that God is just.

But if I can see sin as an offense against Jesus Christ, and loathe myself because I have wounded him, then I have a true brokenness of heart. If I see the Savior and believe that those thorns upon his head were put there by my sinful words; if I believe that those wounds in his heart were made by my heart-sins; if I believe that those wounds in his feet were made by my wandering steps, and that the wounds in his hands were made by my sinful deeds, then I repent after a right fashion. Only under the cross can you repent. Repentance elsewhere is remorse, which clings to the sin and only dreads the punishment. Let us then seek, under God, to have a hatred of sin caused by a sight of Christ's love.

...Go as you are to Christ, and ask him to give that tenderness of heart which shall be to you the indication that pardon has come; for pardon cannot and will not come unattended by a melting of soul and a hatred of sin. Wrestle with the Lord! Say, I will not let you go except you bless me. Get a fast hold upon the savior by a vigorous faith in his great atonement. Oh! May his spirit enable you to do this! Say in your soul, here I will abide, at the horns of the altar; if I perish I will perish at the foot of the cross. From my hope in Jesus I will not depart; but I will look up and still say, savior, your heart was broken for me, break my heart! You were wounded; wound me! Your blood was freely poured forth, for me; Lord, let me pour forth my tears that I should have nailed you to the tree. Oh Lord, dissolve my soul; melt it in tenderness, and you will be forever praised for making your enemy your friend. May God bless you, and make you repent, if you have not repented; and if you have, may he enable you to continue in it all your days, for Jesus Christ sake. Amen."


  1. Thanks for the snippets to ponder. TRUE repentance is definitely a key to victory.

    Maria, Can you share more of why May 10th is such a special day?

  2. I may seem impatient, but there was a bit more to my question than the actual question itself. The date is what I wonder about. How did that come about?

    Many who give a salvation testimony can point back to a specific date, even a specific place and time. Others guess in general terms such as 'in junior high,' 'when I was little,' etc.

    It seems odd, but I'm very curious about the testimony you have of being set free of bulimia on May 10 six years ago. What made that day so special?

  3. Well, the incident just made me realize the habit had been broken. It just didn't "do anything" for me anymore. Let me write this up as a blog entry, since you're interested...a "repentance time-line", if you will. (I stubbornly refuse to use the word "recovery". Bulimia is NOT a disease. It's a life-dominating sin.) :) Let me write the full story for you; it's too long for the combox...


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