He Makes All Things New

I just discovered, by checking links on the Site Meter, that this blog is in the top position of Google search results for "Christian bulimic ministry". It is also in the number one spot for the keywords "Jesus heals eating disorders" and "bulimia Christian".

This is...humbling. It both amazes and humbles me. I am awed and amazed that God would not only FORGIVE me, but that He would then use my testimony for fruitful ministry to His other daughters who are still struggling. This is what is meant by the title, "Redeemed from the Pit".

At the same time, I am humbled and even a bit nervous - having any sort of ministry platform is a huge responsibility. I am now accountable before God for everything I write, and the counsel I give His daughters. This is why I am so thankful that Martha Peace called my attention to a subtle, yet critical error in my theology a few months back. Being able to edit the chapter in question before the book goes to print will no doubt save me much regret and anxiety, knowing I could have mislead someone with my words.

To the reader who googled "Does God forgive eating disorders?" the answer is YES, my friend. YES, He does...and so much more. In the words of Steven Curtis Chapman, "He renews and He transforms, He redeems and restores - He makes all things new...."

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