Did You Know...? (More About "Deliverance")

Did you know.........

...that bulimia is a serious sin (Proverbs 23:2, 21; Philippians 3:19; Titus 1:12)?

...that there is NO sin of which we cannot repent, and no sin too big to be forgiven (Matthew 12:31; Mark 3:28; James 5:15)?

...that NOWHERE in Scripture do we see Satan or his demons putting a "curse" on anyone?

...that NOWHERE in Scripture do we see "generational curses" put on believers?

...that the practice of "pleading the blood" is notably absent from the Bible?

...that "territorial spirits/demons" are a doctrine of man; the Bible does not uphold their existence?

...that NOWHERE in the Bible do we see instructions for "breaking off" a "curse" under which we supposedly live?

...that most dogma concerning "spiritual warfare" was developed in the last 50 years?

...that saying Satan has us in bondage is giving the devil far too much credit (if we are in Christ)?

...that the power of ALL sin and the "curse" of death was broken at the Cross? (Col. 2:15)

...that prayer and repentance is the key to overcoming addictive sin?

...that if you are in Christ, you are NO LONGER a slave to sin (Romans 6:16-22)?

...that there are no shortcuts to holiness? (Galatians 5:7-8)

...that the road to freedom is found only through steadfast prayer, renewal of the mind with the washing of the Word, and progressive sanctification - not through sensational experiences, or ecstatic emotion?

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