"Inappropriate Content and Irrelevancy"

Some months ago, when I first started this blog, I submitted the listing to the "Something Fishy" eating disorder treatment finder site to include in their directory (under Christian Counseling). "Something Fishy" is probably one of the biggest and most comprehensive sites on the web for eating disorder resources.

So much time has gone by, and I have been so busy keeping up with the correspondence this blog has generated, that I had forgotten all about it. Well, a few minutes ago, I received the following e-mail, generated from a "noreply" address:

Hello Marie,

I'm sorry, your listing content was not approved.

Listing ID: 2812
Listing Title: Redeemed From the Pit of Bulimia

Possible reasons:
- Inappropriate content
- Duplicate listing
- Irrelevancy

Thank You,

Well, it's definitely not a duplicate listing, as no one else has submitted a blog entitled "Redeemed from the Pit of Bulimia". Which causes me to closely analyze the other possible reasons for rejection:


Hmm. Interesting charge. Let's see...I write about bulimia, repentance from bulimia, practical considerations in abstaining from bulimia, the spiritual causes and effects of bulimia, the process of restoration from bulimia, effective Christian counseling options for bulimics, and other aspects of bulimia and how to leave it behind. Yup. Really irrelevant for an eating disorder directory.

Inappropriate content

Huh. That one had me scratching my fundie conservative evangelical head, so just for giggles I ran my blog's url through the "What's My Blog Rated?" site. I present to you the family-friendly results:

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

  • pain (2x)
  • hell (1x)
NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I mentioned PAIN and upheld the doctrine of an eternal HELL!!!!!! Oh wait....that's right; the Lord Jesus Christ did, too. In fact, according to my Bible (the most widely-read book in the world, BTW), He spoke more about the reality of hell than He did of heaven.

Sobering stuff.

Or maybe they deemed my blog "inappropriate" because I'm a snake-oil peddler?? I'll bet that's it! Mention "spirituality" and people are cool with it - no matter that it may be paganism, shamanism, or a deck of tarot cards you're endorsing. Mention the King of Kings, the Lord Jesus Christ, and people start to get weird.

We Christians are subversive folks. We love others enough to want them to know real and lasting joy, and we have the audacity to say there is life and hope only in Jesus Christ. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and if He is Lord of YOUR life, He is Lord over this addiction.

That is the truth, and you may choose to walk in it. If proclaiming it makes my ministry "irrelevant and inappropriate", so be it. I care for and pray for each one of you, and His love is greater than any you will ever know.

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